Design III-B

For designers in BFA Thesis 2012


Graphic Hug
It’s Nice That
Many Stuff
Max Bruinsma’s Maze
Sticks and Stones
Design Inquiry
2 x 4
SVA Thesis Projects

24 Hour Narrative
Leslie Kwok/Dynamics of an IM Convo
Sam Potts/Twitter on Paper
Student work based on Michael Bierut’s 100 Days Project
Sophie Calle/Exquisite Pain
Jonathan Harris/whale hunt

Data Set
Nicholas Felton
Unlucky Crushes by Tonya Douraghy
Being a Good Friend, by Lillian Lee
Andrew Kuo
More Andrew Kuo
Good Magazine/Transparency
Minard, Napoleon’s March

A New Cliché
What is good design?(Michael Bierut)
I (heart) NY (Milton Glaser)
Spreadin’ the Luv (Paul Sahre)
The Bubble Project
M&Co products
On design clichés (Armin Vit/Speak Up)

PSA Series
Think Before You Speak
John Caserta / fresh foods
Lester Beall Rural Electrification Administration Campaign
The Graphic Imperative: Posters about Social Justice, Peace and the Environment
Guerrilla Girls Art World Inequities Posters
GOOD Magazine Social Communication Posters
Hunter Gatherer / GreeNYC